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AML & Annuity Suitability Courses

To be contracted with American Marketing, we request that you have a current Anti-Money Laundering course completed. We offer a FREE course

AML Course

Agent Login: aml

Password: course

Print a copy for your records and attach with contracting paperwork


Suitability Course I

To sell a product with the Annuity Rider, you will need a state required 4 hr Annuity Suitability Course to have been completed in the past two years. Below are two carriers that we use. Some states will not require this course to be completed. If your state does not require it, we will still need it to be completed in order to sell that particular plan

If already completed, please include a copy with your contracting paperwork


Suitability Course II

Once you have received an Agent Number, log on to Occidental Life

Enter new agent number

Password: Last 4 of Social Security number

Click on Agent Training tab

Click on Annuity Training Course

Click through the presentation

Print certificate

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