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Through our partnership with A rated insurance carriers, we are able to offer our agents some of the most unique insurance programs for their clients.

Modified Whole Life Insurance

-Double Protection to age 65

-Annuity Rider earning 4% interest

-Up to $150,000 Simplified Issue

-Traditional IRA/Roth IRA

-Disability Protection

-Family Coverage

-Accidental Death Rider

Term Insurance with Return of Premium

-Up to $250,000 Simplified Issue

-Money back guarantee if outlive coverage

-Disability Income Rider

-20 & 30 year options

-No medical exams

-Critical Illness Rider

Final Expense Insurance

-Up to $35,000 Simplified Issue

-No medical exams

-Ages 50-85

-Grandchild & Great Grandchild Riders

-Accidental Death Benefit

-Free Prearrangement Instruction Guide

-Nursing Home Waiver of Premium

Universal Life

-No maximum coverage amount

-20 yr No Lapse Guarantee

-Ages 0-80

-Guaranteed Interest rate of 3%

-Interest Rate Bonus after 4th year

-Accidental Death Rider

-Term Insurance Rider

Accidental Death

-Virtually Guaranteed Issue

-Level Premiums for 20 years

-One rate regardless of age or tobacco

-Return of Premium in year 20

-One page application

-Coverage doubles over 20 year period

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